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Crank It Up! Ashley Tisdale Returns With New Single "Voices In My Head"

This is her first song in 9 years!!

November 8, 2018

I got these feelings!

Ashley Tisdale has returned with her first single in 9-years titled "Voices In My Head." We've been waiting for her return and it's nice to be getting some new tunes since her last -- completely underrated, or overrated -- album Guilty Pleasure.

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"Wow I’m so overwhelmed with emotion right now. My new single Voices in my Head is out now. I feel like for the first time I can finally breathe....." the singer captioned on an Instagram post. 

Tisdale revealed in an interview with Teen Vogue the inspiration behind her new music. "I deal with anxiety, and I've dealt with it probably my whole life. But [I> became super aware of it over the last two years." She went on to say, "If someone at home can turn it on and not feel so alone, that's all I can do. So I'm pretty excited about it!" 

Check out "Voices In My Head" above!