The Best Of Christmas Pop Music

The most wonderful time of the year to update your Christmas playlist!

December 3, 2018

Pop music and Christmas are two of my favorite things, so this is VERY important to me!

Most people probably immediately think of Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You" and Britney Spears' "My Only Wish (This Year)". Those are both amazing songs and I listen to them regularly, but let's discuss some pop Christmas music that I consider underrated.

Even some of pop's biggest stars have Christmas music that isn't appreciated enough! Justin Bieber's entire 'Mistletoe' album is honestly some of Bieber's best work in my opinion. There really isn't a bad song on the album, but my personal favorite might have to be "Christmas Love".

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Also, people don't talk enough about the TWO Christmas EPs Ariana Grande has! 'Christmas Kisses' and 'Christmas & Chill' give us a mix of classic and original holiday tunes. "Love Is Everything" from 'Christmas Kisses' and "December" from 'Christmas & Chill' are definitely my top two from the combined EP.  However, "Santa Tell Me" is arguably Ari's best Christmas song, which was released as a single and was included on the Japanese exclusive reissue of 'Christmas Kisses'.

Now, let's get down to the most underrated Christmas pop music. "Greatest Time Of Year" is the such an upbeat and fun song to jam to during the holiday season! This song was on Aly & AJ's 'Acoustic Hearts of Winter' album which dropped in 2006, and it still tops my Christmas playlist every single year.

When it comes to the classics, it is difficult to choose which version is the best version, but Ashley Tisdale delivers a festive dance track to one of my favorite classics, "Last Christmas".