Chris Evans Sparks Celebrity Debate On Ranking Various Chips

"This is EXACTLY what the chips want us to do!!!"

March 13, 2019



This is an INTENSE debate!

Thanks to comedian Kevin Fredericks, everyone is chiming in on this chip debate. Fredericks posted a video on social media ranking a Frito-Lay variety pack, including Cool Ranch Doritos, Nacho Cheese Doritos, Cheetos, Fritos, BBQ Lays, and Original Lays. He then took to Twitter to ask, "What is the correct way to rank these chips?"

Chris Evans didn't hesitate to share his opinion. He numbered his preferences in a tweet, and that's when the real debate started. Apparently, most people don't agree with him.

Monica Lewinsky chimed in, suggesting two flavors that weren't even listed, and ended her tweet saying the others are a waste of calories.

Though many commented on the matter, Octavia Spencer's comment sparked a response from Evans. Octavia tweeted to the actor saying, "dude? seriously?????? Now you know cheetos is top dawg!!!!"

Chris took the hate pretty well and admitted it was a tough choice to make, but simply wants everyone to acknowledge cool ranch's dominance!

Eventually, he was sick of these chips tearing everyone apart!