'Comments By Celebs' Captures ALL Celeb Interactions

This Instagram account posts celebrities commenting on each other's posts!

October 24, 2018

"Because even famous people love famous people." - @commentsbycelebs

If you aren't already familiar with this Instagram account, you NEED to follow them!

With the overwhelming amount of interactions on a celebrity's Instagram post, a lot of comments can get lost in the clutter. Thanks to Emma Diamond & Julie Kramer who created the account, we are always kept up to date on all celeb interactions on Instagram. The best part is, celebrities LOVE the account too!

One of my favorite things about this account is their weekly Chrissy Teigan round up. Every Sunday, they find they best posts and/or comments by Chrissy, who we all know always has something hilarious to comment on! Here's one of my personal favorites:

At this point, it would be weirder if you weren’t, @chrissyteigen. #CommentsByCelebs

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The "Riverdale" cast are goals and are always active on social media! Here's one of their many iconic comments:

Genius. #CommentByCelebs

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Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds are always making us laugh as well. Here's the latest from Ryan:

A lot of Ryan Reynolds content these days. #CommentsByCelebs

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This is only a TINY percentage of the variety of celebrities & comments that get posted on this account. If you like pop culture & laughing, this account is for you!