Even Ariana Grande Is Taken Back By Her Doppelgänger

November 25, 2019
Ariana Grande



If you thought the word "doppelgänger" was an exaggeration, think again.

Not only does Paige Niemann look like Ariana Grande, but she used her Tik Tok skills to impersonate Ari's "Victorious"/"Sam & Cat" character Cat!

It caught Ariana's attention when a fan tweeted it out:

"Bizarre" is putting it lightly!

Another fan came to Paige's defense about the comparison, suggesting that Paige has not gotten any surgery to look like the pop star, rather she has always resembled Ari and learned how to do her makeup!


Here's another picture of Paige just so you understand HOW similar these two look:

Hello --

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