Fans Are Not Happy With John Mayer & Shawn Mendes Joking About Taylor Swift Lyrics

November 19, 2019
shawn john

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Before we dive into this story, we can all agree that Swifties LOVE to find a reason to defend their idol Taylor Swift.

John Mayer is not only known for his musical talent, but also his humor. He recently hosted his Current Mood Instagram Live talk show with special guest Shawn Mendes.

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As John mentions that he loves Taylor's song "Lover", he lets out a little chuckle when talking about some of the lyrics.

Keep in mind Shawn and Taylor just released a remix of the song, where Mendes added a few of his own lyrics.

“We can leave the Christmas lights up till January” are the Taylor lyrics the two were joking about on Instagram, due to the fact that everyone keeps their Christmas lights up until January!

Shawn was mostly just laughing as John continued the joke. "We can keep the Christmas lights up till January. And then about January 5th, we’ll take the lights down. And then we’ll put ’em in a box and we’ll label that box Christmas Lights. Yeah, we’ll put ’em in the attic until next December.” 

Though John is Taylor's ex, it seems like this was all done in good fun, especially since Shawn is a part of the song now and is friends with Taylor!