JoJo Re-Recorded And Released Her First Two Albums

It's definitely not too little, too late for this music!

December 21, 2018


Pop music is ending the year on a very good note, thanks to JoJo!

The singer was only a young teenager when she entered the music industry. According to BreatheHeavy, the contract she signed with her record label at the time restricted her from releasing new music. After filing a lawsuit and finding a new record label, her previous label refused to release her first two studio albums to streaming platforms. 

JoJo has commented on the issue over the years, hoping for some sort of solution. She took an alternative route and found her own way to give her fans what we have been wanting (and needing) for so long. JoJo re-recorded all her original music and gave us the best early Christmas present we could ask for!

Jojo tired of record company bs ready to make more music

Not only did we get two full albums, but she also gave us two amazing singles that were lost in all of the madness over the years as well. She slightly changed the arrangements of the songs without taking away the nostalgic tunes that we know and love. Safe to say we are all obsessed and gratfeul that she never gave up!

She made the announcement with a series of Instagram posts. Check out her page for the full visual.

Now go take a trip down memory lane and enjoy JoJo's iconic music!