Lady Gaga Delivers Pizza & More To Wildfire Victims

Gaga personally went to a Red Cross evacuation center on World Kindness Day.

November 14, 2018



Lady Gaga proves she actively lives by the words she preaches. "Today is my favorite day of the year - it's World Kindness Day. I encourage you all to do one act of kindness even if it's for yourself," Gaga states in an Instagram story on the same day she shows her kindness by visiting wildfire victims.

According to TMZ, when Gaga was evacuated from her home over the weekend, she promised evacuees at a shelter that she would stand by them throughout this tragedy. Just a few days later, she personally delivered pizza, coffee and gift cards to a Red Cross shelter in Los Angeles. 

Gaga has always been a woman of her word. Remember last year when the singer had to cancel a gig after getting sick singing in the rain? Well she also sent pizza to fans who were waiting outside of her hotel that day! I mean, she IS Italian so it makes sense she sticks to pizzas.