Macy's To Remove Highly Criticized Portion-Size Plates From All Locations

The decision comes after "body shaming" concerns.

July 23, 2019

Joe Raedle / Getty Images


It seems that Macy's was trying to use humor when detailing their new set of portion-size plates.

We have seen various portion-control plates that encourage you to eat certain food groups and specific amounts of each type of food, but many people think Macy's took the wrong approach to this idea of portion-control.

The Internet was very vocal about their concern for these plates, inferring that the visual on the plates is "body shaming". But it was comedian and podcast host Alie Ward that got the store's attention. Ward tweeted a picture of the plates and said she wants them "banned in all 50 states."

That is when Macy's chimed in, agreeing that they "missed the mark on this product" and will be removing the sets of plates from all Macy's locations.

The plates are designed with three rings, suggesting the amount of food that fits within each ring will affect the type of jeans you will fit into.

When talking to BuzzFeed News about this issue, Ward said "my call for a nationwide 'ban' was hyperbolic; but I do think that anyone who casually sees these can experience body shame and I think it sends a really warped message to women specifically about starvation — as well as having no grasp on portion sized and healthy eating choices."