Shawn Mendes Comments On John Mayer's Instagrams Via Text Message

September 4, 2019

We all love to laugh at John Mayer's comments on Instagram and so does Shawn Mendes!

The singer opened up to Karson and Danielle from Mix 104.1 about what it's like having John Mayer comment on your photo, and having his phone number. "He never gives me a heads up he just comments" Mendes revealed to the RADIO.COM hosts. "Oh yeah he's the comment King!" 

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When it comes to commenting on Mayer's Instagrams the "If I Can't Have You" singer isn't as bold. "I'll like copy the link of his photo and text it to him and then say a comment and he'll be like 'just use the comments....' then I'll go and post a comment." If you have John Mayer's phone number you need to use it! Watch the video above to hear him explain this. 

Shawn Mendes has always been a huge fan of the "Gravity" singer and influenced by his work, which is why his most recent album Shawn Mendes features a very special moment. The song "Like To Be You" ft. Julia Michaels was actually produced by Mayer, and includes a solo by the legend. "We're really close friends so I love getting to talk about him now." 

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There was a fascinating moment during the song's creation that Mendes still can't believe. "We're in the studio and he's laying a solo down on the song -- and my minds being blown I'm in the studio with him he's producing one of my songs -- and then he goes 'cool delete that I'll do it again' and I'm like woah woah woah don't delete that!" The reason was because Mayer thought he could do it better! "I'm like are you sure...and I'm like wait I just said 'are you sure' to John Mayer I should step back for a second!" He ended up doing the solo about 6-times until it "felt right."

If you loved this collaboration then you can probably expect another in the future! When asked if they'll work together again, Mendes stated, "Yeah, for sure. Expecially on my next album I hope we can do a couple songs together!" Check out the video below to hear the singer talk about "Like To Be You" and future collabs.