The Jonas Brothers Hilariously Reenact Iconic Kardashian Fight

January 14, 2020
jonas brothers

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The Jonas Brothers recently discovered TikTok and the Internet hasn't been the same since.

The popular video platform allows you to use various types of audio to create your own video with.

Luckily, the brothers chose one of the most memorable and iconic scenes from the early days of Keeping Up with the Kardashians to reenact, which Joe captioned "Don't be rude!"

Joe stars as Kim Kardashian, Nick as Khloe, and Kevin appears at the end as Kourtney.

Don’t be Rude!

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The video caught the attention of the Kardashian sisters and they seem to really appreciate it! Khloe even responded with a clip from the actual scene for those who needed a refresher.

Original scene: