Thousands Of People Are Possibly Planning To Storm Area 51

'They can't stop all of us'

July 10, 2019

alexeys / Getty Images


There's a Facebook event circulating right now with plans to storm Area 51 to find out the truth about 'aliens'.

According to unilad, Area 51 is a large and extremely secure military air force unit which has been the subject of many alien conspiracy theories for decades, with some believing it supports the testing of UFO and extra-terrestrial beings.

According to the Facebook group, "armed with ‘pebbles’ and ‘Naruto’ runners, thousands of people are seemingly gearing up to storm the highly classified United States Air Force facility to finally ‘see them aliens’." There are, of course, others who believe this is ridiculous!

Over 400,000 people have joined the Facebook group that created this event, all theorizing about various tactics they can use.

It's important to note that photos of Area 51 online clearly dispaly NO TRESPASSING signs, so this is not only unrealistic but illegal.....