The Trailer For Felicity Huffman's First Movie Since College Admissions Scandal Is Here

'Otherhood' is a comedy also starring Angela Bassett and Patricia Arquette!

July 10, 2019

According to EW, Otherhood was supposed to be released earlier this year on April 26, but Netflix decided to delay the release due to Felicity Huffman's role in the College Admissions Scandal.

The release of this movie may come as a surprise to some since other celebrities affiliated with the scandal lost jobs immediately. For example, Hallmark reportedly cut ties with Lori Loughlin and Sephora allegedly cut ties with her daughter, Olivia Jade. 

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The title of the movie is a clever play on the word "motherhood". It shows Felicity Huffman, Angela Bassett and Patricia Arquette attempt to reconnect with their sons in New York City after being disappointed in their sons' efforts for Mother's Day.

Otherhood will now debut on Netflix on August 2!