Where You Live Affects Success Of New Year's Resolution

It might not be completely your fault!

December 28, 2018

There are many reasons our New Year's resolutions don't last very long. Sometimes they're not practical and sometimes you just get lazy. But have you ever considered that your location may be setting you up for failure?

According to WalletHub, your surroundings may be restricting you from attaining some of your resolutions. If your goal is to exercise more, you need to have access to open surroundings, such as sidewalks, or a nearby fitness center. Though a lot of the time, people use these as excuses, they can be valid reasons to delay your success. No one wants to drive excess miles to be able to exercise. More importantly, many people do not have the extra time in their day to do so. A resolution is much more likely to be successful if there is easy access to succeeding.

Based on WalletHub's findings, San Francisco, CA is the best city to keep your resolution, with other California cities topping the list as well.

Gulfport, MS is ranked the worst city to keep your resolution.

Boston was ranked 43 out of 182 cities, so we're not doing too bad over here!

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