Adele & Jennifer Lawrence Went To A Gay Bar In NYC and the Internet Is Freaking Out

"This isn't the Hunger Games Jennifer!"

March 23, 2019
Adele Jennifer Lawrence

Getty Images


Can you imagine being there?!

Adele & Jennifer Lawrence decided to have a night on the town last nigh! The A-list dynamic duo hit up the gay bar Pieces in New York City last night and the Internet is literally freaking out.

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Adele got on stage and was making everybody laugh. She even played a round of Musical Shots with some other patrons and when she lost she was tackled by Lawrence. The host, queen Brita Filter, made the funniest remark: "This isn't the Hunger Games Jennifer!" 

They had what looked to be a drunken old time and it must've been epic for everybody else in attendance. Check out some footage from the night below: