Ariana Grande Reveals Her Most "Boring" Song

Spoiler: the song is definitely NOT boring!

September 5, 2018
Ariana Grande

Theo Wargo / Staff


You drive me insane!

At a recent intimate performance with fans Ariana decided to take song requests from the audience. Someone shouted out the Pop bop "Why Try" from her sophomore album My Everything, which led Ariana Grande to reveal that she thinks that song is her most boring song!! 

"Why does everyone like that song? That song is so boring? ‘Why Try’ is my most boring song.” Watch it happen below:

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"Why Try" is definitely one of her better songs and it's hysterical she thinks it is boring. The track is sandwiched between "One Last Time" and "Break Free" on the album, so does it need anymore proof it's a smash? Naturally she went on to perform it because she loves her Arianators and she's the best. 

Come on Ari...."Best Mistake" is more boring tbh.