Cardi B Was Reportedly Denied A Trademark For "Okurrr"

July 1, 2019

This is not okurrr for Cardi B!

Back in March, it made news that the rapper had filed to get a trademark for her signature "okurrr," which had a lot of people caught off guard because it was such a common phrase. The plans were to use this phrase for merchandising reasons.

Well, according to CNN, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has denied her request because it is a "commonplace term, message, or expression widely used by a variety of sources that merely conveys an ordinary, familiar, well-recognized concept or sentiment" according to what they wrote on the application.

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Many people note that the Kardashians regularly began using the term aroudn 2017 in an episode of KUWTK, but it's important to note that this term gained a lot of momentum as it began rising through the Queer community in past years -- look up Laganja Estranja.

This was a reason many were upset with the trademark idea, and even with how the Kardashians lifted the phrase further -- Kylie Cosmetics collab with Khloe has a lip kit called Okurrr (Khloe always said it).

Regardless, Cardi has definitely thrown her own personal spin on the phrase and it's amazing when she uses it!