Charli XCX Details “Señorita” Creation & Why It Wasn’t Right For Her

October 21, 2019

Did you know Charli XCX was behind Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello's smash-hit "Señorita"?!

"I knew immediately the song wasn’t for me, but that it was good" the "Gone" songstress told Extra Eric from 103.3 AMP Radio. Although "Señorita" initially began as a concept for her latest album Charli, the songstress opened up about why the track wasn't right for her.

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Not only is the song a clear departure from the futuristic sound of her latest release, but also it "didn't feel authentic" for her as an artist. "This Latin Pop flare just wasn’t right for who I am because I am not a part of that culture, I’m not from there. Where as Camilla has that in her blood, so when we wrote the song we thought about her and sent it to her.”

Last year, Taylor Swift brought Camila & Charli along on her record-breaking Reputation Stadium Tour. Many fans were hoping new music would come from these three incredible ladies on tour together and it definitely helped. "We were on tour with Taylor together at the time so we were talking about it a little bit. She wanted to do it with Shawn and they were talking about it, like it was just everyone having a long conversation about it. Obviously both of them write as well so they kind of wanted to write on the song and make it more their own." 

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Charli notes that the song started in LA when she was working with Andrew Watt, Ali Tamposi, and Jack from Clean Bandit. Watt was the person who initially sent the song over to Camila. When asked if she knew "Señorita" would be a hit from the start, she stated, "Well the thing is you obviously don’t know that at the time. With any song I make you just try and make it the best it can be."

For all the Angels out there, Charli standout "White Mercedes" was actually written the day before "Señorita." It's crazy to think that two massive Pop songs were written back-to-back like that. This year alone Tamposi has writing credits on Camilla's "Shamless" & "Liar" as well as "White Mercedes"

"Señorita" was not a song that just happened overnight -- it took years. "It took a while to get it together but I just kind of like sat by and let it happen, and when it did happen I was like s*** this is cool. 2 of the biggest artists in the world doing a song that I was apart of – that’s amazing. I really like both of them as artists too I think they’re really good artists.”

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