Did Camila Cabello Shade Her Quavo Assisted, Fan Favorite Track "OMG"???

July 16, 2019

If I don't send for you, best not come for me!

This makes my heart hurt. Last night on Twitter, Camila Cabello was responding to a lot of fans. The "Never Be The Same" songstress responded to a fan about how about being young and watching Disney movies forever by saying "because we're starring in our own movies now!" 

Then, a fan responded to this with a congratulatory tweet saying "stream OMG to celebrate" with a bunch of the lyrics. "OMG" is her Quavo assisted track that came out before her debut album Camila, but never made the album. Even though the song is quite divisive many fans -- like myself -- LOVE this song. It appears though that Camila may not...

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Many fans are taking her response as shade to this song and countless people responded to the tweet looking for more respect for "OMG." Personally, it's always been one of my all-time fav Camila tracks (next to the "Havana" remix) and it's such a bop. Plus, she name drops Boston in it so what could be better

If this was shade then this is upsetting, but if you're like me you'll be streaming "OMG" to feel better!