Did Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper Almost Kiss During "Shallow" Performance?!

Everyone on social media was thinking it was going to happen.

February 25, 2019

Everyone's favorite duo Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper put on and INCREDIBLE performance of "Shallow" last night at the Oscars! 

These two have always displayed imense amounts of respect and adoration for each other, which has been quite refreshing to see between two co-stars. They genuinely believe in each other, lift the other up, and support each other and their creative endeavors.

The commitment and drive these two have for their craft is unparalled and that's why fans eagerly await every "Shallow" performance. The song, sung between two characters that fall in love in A Star Is Born, is intensely passionate and these performances draw on that connection.

Last night, the two were diving deep into their characters and the raw nature of the song to give us a show-stopping moment. While getting close next to each other behind the piano, it seemed like they were even going to kiss at one point...

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It's important to note that Bradley Cooper has been with Irina Shayk since 2015, so fans weren't hoping for THAT kind of kiss. Everyone just wanted another Jackson & Ally moment that we have come to love from that incredible movie. These two together are very powerful! According to ELLE, Shayk & Gaga are very respectufl of each other. "They were photographed hugging after Gaga returned from backstage post-Oscar win. Cooper was additionally shot kissing Shayk right in front of Gaga."

Gaga & Mark Ronson also took home the Academy Award for Best Original song and her reaction was very endearing. It was a big night all around!