End Of An Era: Apple Expected To Shut Down iTunes

June 3, 2019

We're officially moving into the future!

According to Forbes, countless other outlets, and a lot of evidence on the Internet, Apple is expected to shut down iTunes! It looks like the company is reinventing the experience by focusing on fragemented apps in lieu of a centralized location for all types of audio content. 

The company is already offering specific apps for Music, Podcasts, Books, and more. New consumer habits -- especially with streaming -- are impacting how people consume music. Even though no one probably uses iTunes anymore anyways it's sad to hear that the platform that once revolutionized music is now obsolete. 

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Although this has yet to be formally announced there is a lot of evidence online about it. For example, itunes.apple.com now redirects to music.apple.com and, as Business Insider notes, all the iTunes social pages have been scrubed. Side note: who actually followed iTunes on any social media???

Are you sad about the change, or more excited for future products?! Apple probably has a master plan this is a piece of so it's exciting to think of what is coming next....