Felicity Huffman Released Early From Her 14-Day Prison Sentence

October 25, 2019

Felicity Huffman has officially completed her prison sentence for her invovlement in the College Admissions Scandal.

According to NBC News, the actress was released from the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, CA on the 11th day of her 14-day prison sentence. It may sound weird for someone to be released early from a sentence that is already quite short, but NBC reports that it is common for inmates to be released on a Friday when their scheduled release date is on a weekend. Sunday 10/27 was initially set to be her release date.

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Aside from her prison time, she will also be on supervised release and required to complete 250 hours of community service.

Recently, there have been a lot of new updates in the College Admissions Scandal. People involvled -- including Lori Loughlin -- are potentially facing new, added charges on top of what they are currently facing...bribery is one.

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