Felicity Huffman's Letter To Judge Details Her College Admissions Scandal Involvement

September 9, 2019

This coming Friday is a big day in the College Admissions Scandal because Felicity Huffman will find out her sentence in Boston court.

Recently, the Los Angeles Times obtained a letter that Huffman wrote to the judge in advance of this sentencing. Lots of the star's friends, like Eva Longoria, have written their own letters that support Huffman and explain her quality character, but Huffman's letter details more of the backstory of how she got involved in this scandal. This is really the first glimpse the public has received into the scandal -- for Huffman -- since it started.

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In her letter, Huffman talks about her children's learning disabilites and how her first child wanted to be an actress. Unfortunately, as the letter reports, her Math SAT scores were quite low, so many colleges would've factored that in admission criteria even though her primary focus was acting. She also details how she did not seek out any schemes, or knew it was possible, but she was referred to the scandal ring leader Rick Singer after looking for a private college counselor. Allegedly, her daughter's school only had one counselor for "300 students." 

After working with Singer for a while, the letter alleges he told the A-list couple that they could pay to have her test scores altered. In the letter she also talks about struggling with the decision to move forward with it. Long story short -- since Huffman's daughter wanted to be an actress she felt that she wouldn't be a good mother if she did not give her a fair shot by doing this. The daughter had no knowledge of this happening, and when it came time for her second daughter Huffman decided not to go through with it.

In the end, it's clear to see how this decision has had a tremendous impact. Huffman's attourneys are pushing for no jail time, probation, and a fine.

Recently, Lori Loughlin had to go the Boston court house where she did not have the same demeanor she did the first time she left the court house. Check out her departure below.