Gov. Baker Directs DPH To Issue Stay-At-Home Advisory, Non-Essential Businesses To Close

March 23, 2020

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has directed DPH to issue a stay-at-home advisory that will remain effective until Tuesday, April 7 at Noon.

Additionally, Baker has ordered all non-essential businesses to close Tuesday 3/24 at Noon -- this refers to a business' physical location. The government will post what is considered essential/non-essential online so people are aware.

"If you're not an essential business, based on this list, you basically need to close your doors with respect to your physical operation" he stated. Grocery stores, pharmacies, and gas stations are businesses that are considered essential.

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Baker is urging residents to stay inside as much as possible and limit "unnecessary activities" to combat the spread of this virus. Public transportation will remain open, but it's intended for essentail use. It's encouraged to not just hop on the T to go downtown to meet friends. What's remaining open is intended to help essentail businesses that need to continue operating.

Restaurants that are offering takeout and delivery are also allowed to remain open under this order. CLICK HERE to view Mix 104.1's Take Out Shout Out to see what restaurants are offering around your town.

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Although the state will be under a stay-at-home advisory, people are allowed to leave their homes to travel or take walks but it is necessary that you follow social distancing rules. If you do not need to leave your house then you should reamin inside.

Baker also highlighted the state's efforts in collecting personal protective equipment as one of the highest priorities.

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