'Jeopardy!' Had A Category All About Boston Movies....Can You Answer Them All?

July 17, 2019

Think you're wicked smahhht?!

Last night, everyone's favorite trivia show Jeopardy! had a category devoted to Boston Movies. This wicked awesome category came at the beginning of the game and featured some classic films. Below are the question with the dollar value.....scroll to the very bottom of this page for the answers!

1) $200: This 1997 movie was up for 9 Oscahs & took home 2 — you got its numbahs; how do you like them apples?!
2) $400: David Ortiz was on hand at this ballpark for the premiere party of “Fever Pitch,” starring Jimmy Fallon
3) $600: Mark Wahlberg goes through an impressive speed round of possible names of the new girlfriend of his bear pal in this pic
4) $800: A cop poses as a mobster & a mobster poses as a cop in this 2006 Scorsese film set in Boston
5) $1,000: The “Friends Of” this Boston crook played by Robert Mitchum are the people he’s pressured to snitch on.

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Of course anytime Boston is mentioned someone has to try and do the amous accent. For the $200 question, Alex Trebek gave his....err....best attempt at doing it, but it wasn't exactly the best -- it's nowhere near as good as his hosting and many fans agreed.


1) $200: What is “Good Will Hunting”?
2) $400: What is Fenway Park?
3) $600: What is “Ted”?
4) $800: What is “The Departed”?
5) $1000: Who is Eddie Coyle?