Jon Bon Jovi & Son Jesse Find Success With 'Hampton Water' Rosé!

This stuff is flying off the shelves!!

October 23, 2018
Jon Bon Jovi




Did you know that Jon Bon Jovi and his son Jesse Bongiovi have launched a rosé called Diving Into Hampton Water?! The wine was inspired by the time the family has spent in the Hamptons over the years. 

Relationship Status: Drinks for two at a table for one--⠀ #EnjoyedEverywhere

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So nice, always keep a stock on ice --⠀ @gerardbertandusa⠀ #HamptonWater⠀ #EnjoyedEverywhere

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Jesse stated talked to CNBC about the product and said, "Whenever we'd go out to the Hamptons, we'd always bring cases and cases of the stuff. We like to think we were drinking it before it was cool." Bongiovi graduted from Notre Dame. 

His famous father Jon told the publication that "I work for Jess. This isn't my thing. I'm pleased that people are liking the product, but he would not have made a product that he wouldn't have been proud to share."

The product is currently only available in New York and New Jersey, but it should be available all along the East Coast soon!!