Khloe Kardashian Slams Jordyn Woods After Confession On Red Table Talk

Honestly, will we ever get the truth....

March 1, 2019

Honestly, will we ever get the truth....

The day we have been anxiously awaiting is finally here. At noon today, Jordyn Woods addressed the Tristan Thompson rumors on family-friend Jada Pinkett Smith's Red Table Talk on Facebook. 

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In the exclusive video, Jordyn tells the story of what happened. Long story short -- woods stated that after being at a club with her friends, they went to an afterparty (she later found out it was at Thompson's) and all hungout together. During the night, she said on the arm of his chair -- not in his lap -- and had her legs draped over the bottom of his. 

At no point in the night was there ever a lapdance or "getting cozy" of any kind. Except, at the end of the party as the sun was coming up, Woods decided it was time to leave and as she was exiting Thompson gave her a kiss on the lips, which she claims there was no passion behind. Immediately after she began thinking what had just happened. Woods then decided to tell Kylie Jenner -- her BFF -- and Khloe, but she witheld some of the information like the kiss because of the "turmoil" that was already going on.

Khloe must've been waiting for this special because she immediately tweeted out, almost exactly after the 29:58 length videeo, that Jordyn Woods was lieing. 

There was a variety of WTF moments during Wood's exclusive, but it does seem like there is a little truth. Regardless, Khloe slams her by saying "you are the reason my family broke up!" 

Khloe....girl....this ain't the first time your man has been accused of cheating. It seems that the people involved in this story are witholding so much information from the public, yet keep making the story more public. There are at least a million questions I wanted to ask Jordyn during that special. Someone -- looking at you Kim -- SPILL THE DAMN TEA ALREADY. 

If the people involved keep making this story even more public then start actually telling everything. Honestly, unless the first time Tristan cheated was with Jordyn then I'd love to know how she is the sole reason for this family's breakup? That is QUITE the statement to make. 

Regardless, it's great to see that Khloe is trying to protect True in all of this.