Kim Kardashian West Continues Her Reign As Queen Of Press Kits

These are literally #SoooFire!

July 9, 2019

These are literally #SoooFire!!!!

We love all our beauty influencers and their press kits -- as if we are sent them lol -- but there is truly no one that does a press kit better than Kim Kardashian West! Her latest kit for her new KKW Beauty products contiues her reign as Queen of Press Kits.

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Fire is such a common term nowadays and her idea to personify that word in this manner is genius. At first glance, it seems like a simple yet stunning box of her products, but then after the long-stick matches are revealed you realize that the box is designed as an actual box of matches. A much bigger one, obviously -- we love practical products. Truly no better way to say that your products are LIT!!!

This isn't the first time Kim has stunned the Internet with her press kits. The first ones that really shut down the Internet were the chocolate / candy heart reveals her new Valentine heart fragrances: Ride or Die, BFF, and Bae. 

These kits arrived in a white box with a giant, thick heart made of chocoalte. A KKW mallet was included and the lucky recipients had to smash the heart open to reveal the boxed fragrance, which was sitting on a bed of candy hearts that had the matching fragrance name. To this day there is nothing I have ever wanted more than one of those kits. All candy obsessed people like myself would have a field day actually eating them...they looks incredibly delicious. 

People anxiously await these press kit reveals because her creativity is unparalleled sometimes. It's important to note that there is LOTS of competition with it comes to press kits, especially in the age of beauty influencers, so it's surprsing that other company's have yet to surface to viral fame like Kim's.

Here's to getting exctied for another Valentine's reveal in 2020. Check out the icon Kris Jenner herself cracking open one of the heart beauties below!