Kylie Jenner Address "Self-Made" Criticism, "Not A Dime In My Bank Account Is Inherited"

March 21, 2019

Recently, Kylie Jenner became the youngest self-made billionaire in history.

Many people were quick to criticize the reality star by saying that she came from money and had a platform, but regardless she started her Kylie Cosmetics company on her own and it grew exponentially -- almost immediately.

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In an interview with Interview Germany, the lip-kit guru addressed the critiques. She was asked about the claims, and answered, "There’s really no other word to use other than self-made because that is the truth. That is the category that I fall under." 

Jenner is aware of her massive platform, but wants people to focus on the fact she started Kylie Cosmetics on her own. "Although, I am a special case because before I started Kylie Cosmetics, I had a huge platform and lots of fans. I did not get money from my parents past the age of 15. I used 100% of my own money to start the company, not a dime in my bank account is inherited… and I am very proud of that."

Whether you love her or hate her, Kylie Cosmetics is definitely something to be proud of. 

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