LA Fire Department Actually Followed Through On Super Bowl Bet!

Patriots gear was seen all over LA thanks to these great guys.

February 13, 2019

This is wicked awesome!

There was a huge rivalry between the Patriots and LA Rams for who was going to take home a W in Super Bowl LIII. The bet was that the fire department in the losing team's city had to wear the opposing team's gear, and fly their flag.

"I never forget to pay my debts. Congratulations from the @LAFD to the @Patriots on their Super Bowl victory" Chief Terrazas, Fire Chief of the LA Fire Department, said in a tweet. This video is great -- check it out. 

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The movie scenes and viral sheep added in are hysterical, but the city probably loved it tbh. Shout out to the LA Fire Department for being stand up men and following through on their wager...much respect!