Lifetime Announces TV Movie Based On Based On The College Admissions Scandal

July 24, 2019

Get the popcorn and candy ready!!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Lifetime Network is already working on a two-hour TV movie based on the infamous College Admissions Scandal that Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman were involved in. Currently, the film has the working title College Admissions Scandal.

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The Hollywood Reporter states the description of the film, saying it will "follow two wealthy mothers who share an obsession with getting their teenagers into the best possible college...When charismatic college admissions consultant Rick Singer offers a side door into the prestigious institutions of their dreams, they willingly partake with visions of coveted acceptance letters in their heads."

Now, there has been no official word on it Loughlin and Huffman will be the center of the film in any way, but many outlets are saying the movie will focus on the entire scandal and the roughly 50 people involved. What's ironic here is that Loughlin herself has starred in roughly 23 Lifetime movies in her career. 

Depending on what happens with the case, how crazy would it be if Lori Loughlin portrayed herself in the movie?! Talk about ratings!! We can dream....