Lizzo Channels Madonna For Iconic "Truth Hurts" BET Awards Performance

June 24, 2019

Kevin Winter / Staff / Getty Images


Lizzo had us GAGGING last night over her iconic performance of "Truth Hurts" at the 2019 BET Awards last night. 

There's a reason she's 100% that B**** and THAT performance is exactly why. The "Boys" visionary channeled Madonna, Britney, and Christina's epic "Like A Virgin" performance from the 2003 VMAs, but made the theme completely her own exuding personality, vocals, choreo, and a flute solo. 

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If you remember back, Madonna kicked off her "Hollywood" performance with Britney and Xtina singing "Like A Virgin" before ascending out of a three-tier cake. Visually, the entire stage setup immediately reminds you of that defining Pop culture moment.

While Lizzos's performance may give off similar vibes, she completely made this her own and cemented herself as an icon. It's important to note the music video for "Truth Hurths" found the singer all decked out at the altar, but ending up marrying herself, so this is true to the video. Regardless, THIS is one of those performances people are always going to look back on and be like she SNAPPEDDD.

My favorite part about this performance is the simplicity -- back to what made Maddona's a cultural moment. The cake wasn't some extraordinary set piece, the stage didn't have moving parts, and there were no screens with over-the-top visuals. The simplistic designed showcased everything about what makes Lizzo a star -- her genuine talent. Only a superstar can hop on a stage like that and do what she did.

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If you need any further proof to validate my opinions, the performance was also RIHANNA APPROVED! The Fenty Queen was on her feet, clapping, living, and ended with a standing ovation. Now, I'd love you to tell me the last time Rihanna was this enthused by a performance at an awards show........that's right!