Mariah Carey Revealed Exactly What She Does On Christmas, And It's Expensive

November 5, 2019
Mariah Carey

Kevin Winter / Staff / Getty Images


Every wonder what Mariah Carey -- the unofficial Queen of Christmas -- does every year on Decemeber 25th? Well, the answer might blow you away!

We all know the Caution songstress is known for being fabulous darling and her holiday plans are nothing short of extraordinary...and expensive. In an interview with Cosmopolitan UK, the singer detailed the different tradtions she has, decorations, family activities, and the fact her holiday starts earlier than Christmas. 

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First off, she spends Christmas in Aspen every year -- so glamorous -- but mainly to avoid all the paparazzi that don't bother her there. She also flies to Colorado on the 23rd and starts celebrating then! The best part is that she said her driver picks her up from the airport with "All I Want For You Is Christmas" playing when she gets in the car.  

While in Aspen, she gets the luxury of shopping for extra presents and enjoying the snowy season. Her family will go on a two-horse open sleigh with real reindeer and sip hot cocoa and butterscotch. Then on Christmas Eve Santa stops by their house and Mariah cooks up secret family recipes!

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Of course the decorations are on another level too. She has three trees: one in the bedroom, a Charlie Brown tree for polaroid photos, and the staple 19-foot tree where all the presents go. In the house, only Christmas music and Christmas movies will be playing. "If I wake up and there’s no Christmas music playing I get very annoyed and have to handle it" Carey says. The family plays alot of games and activities as well. Taboo and Head's Up where the two specific games mentioned -- fantastic game taste. 

This entire holiday sounds like a dream, but it's definitely something only Mariah could pull off! 

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