A Popular Boston Instagram Spot Is Really Annoying Local Residents

October 16, 2019

People LOVE to seek out a city's best "Instagram spots" when traveling and it's very trendy to do so right now.

Acorn Street, a small narrow street tucked away in Beacon Hill, is feeling the effects of this trend. This street has garnered the unofficial nickname "the most photographed street in the country" because so many people go there to take an insta on the cobblestone street lined with brownstones. To be fair, the street is truly an Instagram gold mine and a pic there would like epic on anyone's feed.

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The Boston Globe recently put out a story that says all of the local residents are getting quite annoyed by all of the traffic. I couldn't imagine living on this street with all of the crowds -- must be a nightmare.

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The thought of having to drive down this road once, let alone every day, is already making me go crazy. Plus, it must be a million times worse if there are tens-hundreds of people on it. Occasionally, you can even see a wedding photoshoot happen on the street. 

It is important to note this is a tiny, one-way, cobblestone street that is basically an alley between two other streets, West Cedar & Willow. The location of Acorn Street is right off of Charles Street near the Boston Common. 

Check out some photos from the location below and you'll understand why flocks of Millennials are going there....

One of our favorite aspects of being in New England: the ever-changing seasons! Boston’s famous Acorn Street looks beautiful year-round, but especially when blanketed in falling leaves. #BeMoreBoston . . . (Photo by @eastcoastfeastcoast)

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The weather today was unbeleafable ------

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Very disappointing there were no squirrels to chase on Acorn St -- but still wishing I was still in Boston . . . #dogsofinstagram #puppiesofinstagram #dog #puppy #puppies #minibernedoodle #doodlesofinstagram #doodlesofig #doodletales #cute #cutepuppy #instapuppy #instadog #puppylove #acornstreet #boston #vacation #puppy_tales #squirrel

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