Rob Gronkowski Dancing To The Jonas Brothers Will Put A Smile On Your Face

May 2, 2019

Last night, the Billboard Music Awards happened in Las Vegas and naturally Rob Gronkowski was there.

After helping Kelly Clarkson kick off her opening skit, he proceeded to have a blast alongside all the A-List artists. Gronk also got to present Cardi B her Top Rap Song award for "I Like It" alongsode Terry Crews. Side note -- this is a bromance we can all get behind, they're hysterical together.

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Opening aside, one of the best Gronk moments came from the Jonas Brothers performance. Apparently he is a big fan of the guys as he was seen dancing with his girlfriend Camille during their set. Watching him dance and have fun will absolutely put a smile on your face.

The camera cuts to Gronk at right around 2:45!