Check Out A "Wicked Vacant" Boston From Drone Amid Coronavirus

March 31, 2020

You've probably never seen Boston city quite like this before...

Coronavirus has had a huge impact on cities everywhere, as MA residents are currently under a stay-at-home advisory with all non-essential businesses closed. Righfully so there is little to no people -- as everyone should stay inside! -- out and about in the city.

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It's crazy that a city so notorious for traffic and congestion is basically vacant outside. One Instagram user Michael Holzwarth who goes by @instah_drone decided to showcase the beauty of Boston while no one is outside.

Holzwarth flew his drone of many parts of the city, such as Kenmore Square, Faneuil Hall, The Common, Fenway Park and more, to make a video called "A Wicked Vacant Boston." Normally, these locations would see thousands of people each day....

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Check out his video below!