WATCH: Rob Gronkowski Thinks Kelly Clarkson Is A Seat-Filler During Billboard Music Awards Skit

May 1, 2019

This is why we love Gronk!

After Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie delivered an incredible Billboard Music Awards Opening, Kelly Clarkson took over and started walking through the aisle and sat next to Terry Crews. While chatting, security member Rob Gronkowski showed up with Flordida Georgia Line to escort her out of her seat...he thought she was a seat filler!!

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Kelly Clarkson always kills it as a host and she started the night off perfectly -- it's the ideal mashup of the two stars. Plus, Clarkson went on to deliver an insane mashup of the year's biggest tracks....but Gronk still didn't believe her! Even Paula Abdul wouldn't help...

Now that he is retired from the Patriots let's hope he gets into acting. Gronk actually crushed this and it was surprising he stayed in character the entire time.

Check it out below!