Feel Good Story: 19-Year-Old Meets Stranger Who Saved Her Life

Because of Jaelin Highsmith, Madison Ricci is able to live a long life.

April 17, 2019
Organ Donor

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This Feel Good Story shares the long journey of 19-year-old Madison Ricci, who had to undergo a liver transplant surgery that took more than 20 hours.

According to Good Morning America, Madison was diagnosed with lupus at age 12, and has been battling the autoimmune disease, with hopes that someone would be a match for her transplant.

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That is where Jaelin Highsmith comes in. The 22-year-old found he was a match for Madison, and without hesitation, he was all in on donating his liver to his new friend.

"The bottom line was the opportunity was there and there's no way I could pass it up," Jaelin said. "I knew from day one if I was able to do this, I would do it."

After Madison went threw the grueling surgery, she and Jaelin began exchanging text messages and social media posts. They were working hard to figure out a way to be able to meet in person.

When the day finally came, it was magic. Both Madison and Jaelin's families were there and it was a long-day coming for everyone involved.

"The connection and the love that we share between us all is just amazing," Madison Ricci's Mom said.

Jaelin continues to support Madison in her recovery and has even helped raise money for her ongoing medical treatment.

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