Feel Good Story: 4 Teens Save Neighbor From Her Burning Home

These four boys are heroes.

June 11, 2019
Helping hand

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This Feel Good Story comes out of Tulsa, Oklahona and shares the story of four teenage boys that did something amazing for their neighbor.

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According to KAKE, Catherine Ritchie said she was in the bathroom getting ready when she realized the head of her bed was on fire. Not knowing what exactly to do through the bad smoke, Catherine felt her ways by the wall trying to find the door out.

That's when her heroes came in.

The four teen boys, Dylan Wick – 16 years old, Nick Byrd – 14 years old, Seth Byrd – 16 years old, and Wyatt Hall – 17, were heading to a convenience store when they smelt like what they described as burning rubber coming from Catherine's home.

They all sprung into action. Nick Byrd, somehow found his way through the back door, and found Catherine lost in the smoke in the hallway.

"I just kind of heard her. I went to the right of the house and no one was there," Byrd said. "I went to the left of the house, and I saw her in the hallway, so I just grabbed her and took her to Seth."

Catherine and the four boys made it out of the house safely.

They all returned to the house to see the damage and one of the boys, Wyatt, said "Ever since that night, my life has just changed...for the better."

To read the amazing full story of these boys, click here.