Feel Good Story: Airbnb Offers Free Housing During California Wildfires

A safe place to stay.

October 31, 2019
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I love nothing more than when a company rallies behind a community of people.

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According to CNN, the wake of the terrifying Kincade and Tick wildfires going on in California right now, Airbnb is offering relief for people displaced by these fires.

Through their "Open Homes Program," people who have been forced to leave their homes can find free housing through November 7th.

"Hosts can play an important role in their community's response and recovery — just by offering their extra space," according to the Open Homes website. "Since 2012, hosts have opened their doors to people affected by disasters all over the world."

CNN also shared that, the Kincade Fire alone has displaced almost 200,000 people over an estimated 50,000 acres. So, this program is more important than ever.

I love seeing the company put aside their desire for profits, and help people when they need it most.

To read the full story of relief efforts, click here.