Feel Good Story: Bookstore Competitors Step In Big Time

"I'll pretend this is my store for the week."

February 27, 2019



This Feel Good Story comes out of San Diego, and shares the story of the Powell family, and their family bookstore. 

Jennifer Powell was shocked when she heard the news that her husband needed immmediate open-heart surgery. Thoughts immediately flooded her head.

According to The Washington Post, she first found care for their 3-year-old child, and then went straight to their "second kid," aka The Book Catapult. The Book Catapult is a small independent bookstore the Powell's own and run. Their only other employee had the swine flu. Jennifer Powell was out of luck.

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That's when Scott Ehrig-Burgess, an owner of another bookstore in town, wanted to help. Scott said, "I thought, I'll just pretend this is my story for the week," and that is exactly what he did. He started calling volunteers, and within a day he had eight people willing to keep the store running while Marko Powell was in surgery. 

Marko was overwhelmed with the kindness and graciousness Scott and the rest of the community showed to him and his wife. 

They both share that the "competiton" between the book store is just something that neither of them see. 

"The book world is a little bit different. I see this as helping somebody in the community."

Marko Powell's surgery was a success, and both bookstores are blossoming.

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