Feel Good Story: Boy Donates Life Savings To Shelter

January 3, 2019
Charity Heart

An example of a kid who'll change the world with his kindness!!!!!

At just 9 years old, Nathan Simons is an inspiration to us all. WQAD shared the story of Nathan, and his generousity to the Christian Care center in Rock Island, IL. Nathan was watching YouTube videos of people donating money to shelters, and told his Dad he wanted to do the same.

After Nathan spent some time researching shelters in need and choosing Christian Care, he went and emptied his bank account. He bought all sorts of items, from shoes and gloves, to hot sauce. When asked about how he made the decision to do this, Nathan explained that, "It makes me feel happy and proud of myself. It's just hard to give it away seometimes. But I'm thinking of other people." He surprised the shelter with the items, and made sure they celebrated the new year with smiles on their face.

Cindi Gramenz, who is the director of Christian Care was in awe of Nathan. She said, "At nine years old, to be feeling that kind of compassion for the work we do and for what's going on in his community is pretty amazing." 

Nathan said he wanted to continue volunteering. We can't wait to see what he does next!

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