Feel Good Story: Deployed Coach's Homecoming Will Give You Chills

The kids got a surprise guest speaker.

March 7, 2019
Soldier homecoming



This Feel Good Story comes out of Layton, Utah and shares the story of Andrew Olson, and the amazing way he surprised his students.

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According to Good Morning America, Andrew Olson coaches basketball and football at Northridge High in Layton, but has been away for the last 5 months on a deployment in Afghanistan. 

He had just returned home on Monday, and went directly to the high school and surprised his athletes.

The students were told they were going to have a guest speaker, and were overcome with emotion when they saw him walk through the door.

One of his students said, "He's taught me so much about hard work and commitment. He set a great example by committing to serve our country."

Watch the video above to see the joy on the athletes' faces and on Andrew Olson's.

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