Feel Good Story: Dog Found Two Days After Massive Fire

His bark must have been the best sound to hear.

April 2, 2019
Dog and human



This Feel Good Story out of Harrisburg, Virginia tells the story of Kayla Blake who was unforunately one of the victims of a massive fire that destroyed the apartment building she was living in.

According to WHSV, Kayla was thankfully away from her apartment at the time, so she was not harmed. However, her beloved dog, Rebel was home when the fire began.

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When Kayla first got the call about the fire, she panicked. "I was a wreck, very hysterical and my first concern was whether or not they were going to be able to get Rebel out," Kayla said.

Rebel was adopted three years ago and Kayla and him had been inseperable every since. When she arrived at the scene of the fire, the first responders told her that going in to save Rebel was too dangerous.

The K-9 Unit had to share the unfortunate news that the chances of Rebel being able to escape out of the burning apartment building were so slim because the floors had already collapsed or he would have already died from the heat.

Two days after the fire, Kayla returned to see if she could salvage anything from her apartment. That's when she heard the sweetest sound.

Kayla heard Rebel's bark. She immediately called the fire department. When they arrived, they ran straight up to the third floor to see find the only things not destroyed in the fire: Rebel, and the desk he was hiding under.

Above is the amazing video of Rebel being rescued and reunited with his owner!

To read the full story of this miracle, click here.