Feel Good Story: Firefighters Help New Mom In The Best Way

Nothing better than lending a hand to a new mama.

January 22, 2019
Fireman Baby



This Feel Good Story shares the story of a new mother, Jessica Giffin, in Olathe, Kansas. According to KMBC News, she forced her wedding ring back on her finger after not being able to wear it during her pregnancy. Jessica said her finger started to swell very quickly and she realized she had to call 911 when it started to turn blue.

Jessica was with her new baby boy, Luke, and started to panic when she was struggling to get the ring off, and help was still on the way.

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"I was overwhelmed because I knew he needed to eat, but there was no way I could feel him while they worked on getting my ring off," Jessica said.

When the firemen realized she was stressed, they sprang into action. One of the fireman swooped right in and fed Luke his bottle and even burped him. Another group of first responders arrived and even let her dogs out and shoveled her driveway. 

Jessica explained how grateful she was and how these men in uniform deserve the recognition for the smaller things they do to make our lives easier.

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