Feel Good Story: Firefighters Play Stork

The surprise of a lifetime.

February 21, 2019



This Feel Good Story comes out of Baltimore, Maryland, specifically the Anne Arundel County Fire Department. 

According to Good Morning America, Mike Faherty and his wife Karen have been in the process of adopting a baby for a long time, and were so excited to be new parents. 

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The fire department got in touch with the adoption agency in Baltimore that the Faherty's were working with and planned out the most amazing surprise for this baby's homecoming.

Mike's firefighter brothers coordinated the baby's big entrance, including the use of the ambulance and rescue squad from the Baltimore City Fire Department. "The fire service is a brotherhood and doing things like this is just what we do for our brothers and sisters," one of Mike's fellow firefighters added.

These new parents were introduced to their new baby boy with all the bells and whistles, and watching this video will give you all the feels.

To read the full amazing story, check it out here.