Feel Good Story: Good Samaritan Saves Police Chief

January 28, 2019
Car help snow


This Feel Good Story takes place just north of us in Van Buren, Maine. It shares a story of a good Samaritan that, thankfully, was in the right place at the right time. 

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According to News Center Maine, Chief of Police in Van Buren, Michael Bresett, was hit by a passing vehicle while he was actually trying to help out other passengers that had been involved in an earlier accident.

The accident was so scary because of the horrible weather. The snowstorm had caused a complete whiteout, so it was near impossible to spot Chief Bresett when he was on the ground unable to move.

Thats when the unknown good Samaritan was driving by at, luckily, the right time. He grabbed Chief Bresett, threw him in the car, and drove him straight to the hospital. Because of how quickly the good Samaritan acted, Chief Bresett was able to undergo surgery on the multiple broken bones in his leg, before anything became worse.

The man's name has not been revealed, but the police department is planning a ceremony to recognize the good Samaritan. 

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