Feel Good Story: Local Boy Creates Clay Koalas To Raise Money For Australia

6-years-old and already changing the world.

January 15, 2020

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Owen Colley is making a difference in this world at only 6-years-old.

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According to WBZ, Owen Colley is a 6-year-old Hingham native. He is using his creativity to help with the devestation from the Australian bush fires.

“We’re making little, clay koalas to help the animals that have been hurt by the Australian brush fires,” explained Owen Colley.

Just adorable! Six-year-old Owen is making little clay koalas to help the animals threatened by the Australian wildfires. For more and how you can help, tap the link in our bio #WBZ #Australia #Koala

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Owen's father, Simon, is Australian. Simon was trying to explain as delicately as possible to Owen how many people's lives have been affected, and how many animals have suffered.

Owen jumped into action. He said he wanted to start creating these koalas “because helping animals is better than watching TV.”

Owen started by creating a little clay family of koalas, and it has grown and grown.

See below to see how much this amazing Hingham kid has raised already!

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