Feel Good Story: Man Saves Dogs In An Icy Rescue

This New York man didn't think twice.

March 14, 2019
Dog on ice



This Feel Good Story comes out of New York, and shares the story of Timofey Yuriev, a Yonkers resident, who jumped into the icy cold resevoir to save two dogs who had fallen through.

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According to NBC New York, Timofey was walking with his wife and his dog around Irvington Resevoir when they heard a scream from a woman.

He then spotted the two dogs that had fallen through the ice, and were getting so tired from paddling in place, that they almost gave up.

Timofey and his golden retriever, Kira, sprung into action. They swam out and rescued the two dogs.

The best part about this? Timofey is originally from Siberia, so the cold water was no match for him. He even took off his shirt before he jumped in!

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