Feel Good Story: Passenger Gives Up His First Class Seat To This 88-Year-Old Woman

Never know what friends you'll make at the airport!

January 3, 2020
First class seat

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You never know what amazing human being you are going to meet in the airport...

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According to UNILAD, Jack met 88-year-old Violet in a New York airport earlier this month. The two became fast friends sharing stories while waiting for their flight.

Violet, a retired nurse from New York, had been travelling to the UK to visit her daughter while Jack had been heading back home to London after a family holiday in the Big Apple.

Violet had originally been booked for an economy seat on the flight to the UK, and Jack was sitting first class.

What he did next is one of the most incredible acts of kindness I have ever heard.

Jack tracked Violet down and switched seats with her, so the New Yorker could fly in style.

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